Policies, Agreements, and Notices

Privacy Rights Notice

The following information is being provided so that you are made aware of limitations placed on this cable system under the Federal Cable Communication Policy of 1984.

This cable system collects and maintains personally identifiable information concerning subscribers. That information includes billing records service maintenance and repair records, premium service subscription information, marketing information and subscriber complaints.

Unless otherwise noted, all personally identifiable information is used solely for the normal business purpose of offering and rendering cable television service to you. Some persons have access to such information when necessary, and may be on a day-to-day basis. Those people include cable system employees, cable system sales agents, businesses which provide services to the cable system, such as our accountants, billing and collection services, program and program guide providers and representatives of the franchising authority. The cable system will not maintain such information after it is no longer necessary for carrying on our business.

As a subscriber, you may review any personal information held by us, which pertains to you. You must give ten business days notice of your wish to review such information in order to give us an opportunity to locate and, if necessary, prepare such information for review. (Preparation is sometimes necessary to avoid disclosure information relating to other subscribers.) To review your personal information please contact us by letter or telephone to arrange for a review. The review will be at our regional system business office. You may request correction of error in personal information, which we collect or maintain pertaining to you.

Federal law prohibits the cable system from collecting any personally identifiable information other than information necessary to carry on our business or to detect theft of service, unless you consent.

We are permitted to collect personally identifiable information, by law only to the extent necessary to conduct our business. In addition, the law allows us to disclose your name and address for non-cable service related mailing lists or other purposes unless you tell us you do not wish us to disclose it. However, such disclosures of names and addresses may not be in a form that provides the extent or type of any use you make of services we provide, nor may it disclose the nature of any transaction you make over the cable system. If you do not wish to have your name and address disclosed even in this limited manner, or if you wish to limit the circumstances in which we will disclose it, please obtain, fill out and return a "Nondisclosure of Name and Address Form" to the local business office. Except as indicated in the preceding paragraph, we may not disclose personally identifiable information without your consent, unless we are required to do so by court order. If we are served with a court order requiring disclosure of personally identifiable information concerning a subscriber, we will inform the subscriber before any information is released. Under some circumstances a government entity may seek a court order to obtain personally identifiable information from the cable system concerning a cable subscriber. The subscriber must be given an opportunity to contest issuance of such an order.

Any person aggrieved by any act of a cable operator in violation of these federal limitations on the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information may bring a civil action in United States District Court to enforce the limitations.

Theft of Cable TV Service

The 1984 Cable Act, as amended by the 1992 Cable Act, was passed by the US Congress and created both civil and criminal penalties against manufacturer, suppliers and user of unauthorized cable devices. This federal theft of service law supplements any existing state or local laws. The federal law prohibits the interception of receipt of any communication service over a cable system, unless authorized by the cable operator. This includes the theft of audio, video, textual, data or other service, including data transmitted to or from a customer over a system that has interactive capability. Further, the law pertains to both the manufacturers and distributors of equipment as well as the individual.

The Cable Act provides a cable operator the right to seek substantial monetary damages with regard to theft of its cable services. In addition, if the violations are willful and for commercial advantage or private financial gain, the court may award damages of up to $50,000 in civil cases and a maximum of $100,000 for certain criminal violations, in addition to a maximum of five years imprisonment for subsequent offenses.

The foregoing action has been taken by Congress because it believes that theft of cable services poses a major threat to the economic viability of cable operators and cable program suppliers. It creates unfair burdens on cable customers who are forced to subsidize the benefits that other individuals are getting by receiving cable service without paying for it. Also, tampering with cable lines often causes reception problems for paying customers like you. If you are aware of persons receiving unauthorized cable service, please call us confidentially. We will follow up to ensure that the service you receive is not affected by someone else's tampering. Should you wish to use some of the features noted above, Reach Broadband will provide you with supplemental equipment. This equipment might include an additional converter, or if you have a receiver that can tune to all our cable channels, an A/B switch that will enable you to by-pass the converter and tune all unscrambled channels with your TV or VCR. Please contact us regarding your wishes and we will be happy to give you a schedule of charges for such equipment. In addition, you may purchase by-pass switches and additional converters at retail outlets. Please remember, however, that converters with descrambling capability can only be obtained by Reach Broadband. In fact, should you see advertisements for cable converters that have descramblers in them (so-called "pirate boxes" or "black boxes") you should understand that these devices are illegal to sell or use, unless authorized by your cable company. People who use illegal converter/descramblers are actually stealing cable service. Some of the converters used by Reach Broadband can be operated by a hand-held remote control device. It is possible that the remote control that may have come with your TV or VCR is capable of controlling our converter boxes as well. In that case, feel free to use it. If you choose, you may buy a remote or universal remote control device that is capable of working with the converters from Reach Broadband at a retail outlet. Please contact your local office for a list of some compatible universal remote control devices. You can probably find others as well. If you do, please let us know and we will update our list. You can buy universal remotes at many appliance or electronics stores. If you have any questions, please contact your local customer service center. (See "How To Reach Us" section of this notice.)

Equipment Policy

Equipment installed by Reach Broadband (Cable Company) placed under, over, on or about your home property in connection with the delivery of service is the property of the Cable Company. Rented equipment which is provided to customers remains the property of the Cable Company. Rented equipment must be returned to us when service is discontinued for any reason, at the customer's request, or at any reasonable time we need to issue other equipment. Failure to return rented equipment at the appropriate time will result in a charge to the customer's account for the replacement cost and may lead to legal action to recover the equipment or cost. You are responsible for damage to rental equipment, other than normal wear and tear, and may be assessed a charge for repair or replacement.

Equipment purchased from the Cable Company is the property of the customer and not covered by the above equipment policy. In addition, equipment purchased from the cable company becomes the property of the subscriber and any future liabilities and repairs are not the responsibility of Reach Broadband.

Rates and Charges

For an up-to-date listing of Reach Broadband' service offerings and charges, please visit our website at www.reachbroadband.net or call your local customer service center to request a copy of your area's channel lineup card.

Service Agreement

The person who has requested service from Reach Broadband (COMPANY) is hereinafter referred to as "SUBSCRIBER". Upon acceptance of this service by SUBSCRIBER and in consideration of it being furnished by COMPANY, SUBSCRIBER agrees to comply with the following conditions of service.

1. SUBSCRIBER agrees to pay the monthly charge for service to the company in advance on or before the designated due date. Billing for services is provided to the SUBSCRIBER as a courtesy, and if the subscriber does not receive a bill, they are, nonetheless, obligated to pay the COMPANY on or before the designated due date.

2. SUBSCRIBER agrees to pay installation charges at the time that service is commenced and to pay a maximum processing fee or processing charge of $8.00 if payment is not received by the monthly due date.

3. COMPANY shall not be responsible for the operation, maintenance, service or repair of SUBSCRIBER's own equipment or for any damages regardless of cause.

4. All equipment and material installed by COMPANY shall remain the property of the company. SUBSCRIBER agrees not to disturb, alter, move, or remove COMPANY'S property nor attach or permit the attachment of any additional equipment to company's property. Any relocation or transfer of COMPANY'S property from the original place of installation shall be at the expense of customer and shall be done only by COMPANY.

5. COMPANY shall have the right to terminate this agreement and disconnect and remove the facilities providing signals to SUBSCRIBER if SUBSCRIBER fails to abide by any of these Conditions of Service or if SUBSCRIBER fails to make any payment hereunder when due.

6. SUBSCRIBER understands that in providing service, the COMPANY is using poles owned by another entity, and is using public rights of way. SUBSCRIBER further understands that the continued use of these poles and/or right-of-way is no way guaranteed. In the event the continued use of such poles and/or right of way is denied to COMPANY for any reason, COMPANY will make every reasonable effort to provide service over alternative routes. SUBSCRIBER agrees he will make no claim or undertake any action against the grantors or others who have ownership or interest in these poles and/or rights-of-way if the service to be provided by COMPANY hereunder is interrupted or discontinued because the continued use of poles and/or right-of- way is denied to COMPANY for any reason.

7. SUBSCRIBER shall have the right to terminate this agreement at any time (provided that SUBSCRIBER has not entered into a contract term with COMPANY) upon giving notice to COMPANY, and in the event of such termination, COMPANY shall not be obligated to refund any part of the installation charges.

8. SUBSCRIBER agrees that COMPANY shall have the right of access, at reasonable times, to SUBSCRIBER'S premises for the purpose of installing, inspecting, maintaining, repairing, disconnecting, and removing its installation and facilities thereon.

9. SUBSCRIBER warrants that he either owns residence at which the cable installation is being performed or, if a tenant, he has obtained permission from his landlord for COMPANY to make whatever alteration to residence as necessary for cable installation.

10. SUBSCRIBER agrees to pay COMPANY'S costs, including reasonable attorney's fees and collection costs incurred in enforcement of the COMPANY'S rights hereunder.

Internet Service Agreement


2. The service provided by the Company is best effort and thus, NOT "life safety" qualified. You agree that you have considered the "best effort" nature of your Internet connection supplied by the Company before deciding whether the use of VoIP telephones, security systems, health monitoring systems or other systems requiring permanent, always-on connections is appropriate.

3. To ensure equitable Internet access for all Subscribers, the Company operates a Fair Usage Policy on all contended Services. Fair Usage establishes an equitable balance in Internet access across High-speed Internet Services for all Subscribers. To ensure this equity, heavy usage Subscribers may experience temporary throughput limitations during peak usage hours. Contended services are not intended for continuous high-volume data transfer. Peer to peer file sharing applications such as Bit Torrent are tolerated on the basis that they do not impact network performance for other users. Downloading or sharing copywritten content (eg music, movies, television shows, etc) without the consent of the copyright holder is illegal and strictly forbidden. The Company reserves the right to throttle or shape connections that abuse available bandwidth.

4. Residential Users will not host any type of Server and allow other users to access the Server via the Internet.

5. Subscriber assumes ALL risk and liability for any use of the service. The Subscriber agrees to indemnify the Company against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees, arising out of or related to Subscriber¿s use of the service.

6. The Company does not guarantee Internet network performance. The Company provides an Internet access service, and most conditions on the Internet are completely outside the control of the Company.

7. The Company reserves the right to take whatever actions we deem appropriate to enforce these policies. The Company also reserves the right to change these policies without prior notice at any time. The actions the Company takes may include account suspension or termination. The Company does not issue any credits for accounts cancelled due to policy violations. The Company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.

8. The Subscriber is not permitted to resell or redistribute Subscriber's Internet connection to other parties unless agreed to in writing by the Company. A violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of your account.

9. Network address assignments issued by the Company are the property of the Company and are considered to be hired to the Subscriber as part of this agreement.

10. Use of the Company's services and the access of your Internet account by you as a company and/or an individual constitutes acceptance of this Agreement in full. This Agreement is effective when you first use the Company's services, including but not limited to access to the Internet, and continues until service is terminated. If either party terminates this Agreement, you are still responsible for any charges on your account.

11. The use of your account to send out any bulk and/or unsolicited e-mail, commercial or otherwise (spamming), is strictly prohibited. Bulk e-mail (spamming) is defined as identical or similar e-mail messages sent to multiple recipients where the recipient has not specifically requested such e-mail. Any violation of this policy may result in the immediate termination of your account, at the sole discretion of the Company.

Effective 08/25/2016 bandwidth quota enforcement has been suspended. 12. The Subscriber is allowed a maximum amount of bandwidth transfer per month based on their internet package. Any amount transferred over this monthly bandwidth quota will incur additional charges at a rate of $1 per GB (gigabyte). Monthly bandwidth quotas per package are as follows: 256k down -- 20GB per month. 512k down -- 30GB. 1mb down -- 40GB. 2mb down -- 50GB. 3mb down -- 70GB. 6mb down -- 100GB. 10mb down -- 150GB. 12mb down -- 180GB. Some packages are not available in certain areas.

Service and Installation Policies

Service calls and installation work is generally performed on an appointment basis. Appointments are usually scheduled in four-hour blocks during normal business hours. If you have special needs beyond this appointment option, please call us and will do our best to accommodate you. Standard installations will normally be performed within five business days after an order has been placed. The charges for the first month of service and any installation or equipment fees are payable at the time the service is installed. If it is determined that a nonstandard installation is required, the estimated cost and completion date will be provided to the customer in advance. If our installer or technician is running late, we will attempt to contact you and reschedule the appointment at a time convenient for you. Repair and maintenance to the cable lines outside your home and repairs to any cable company owned equipment are provided to you free of charge. The company does not assert any ownership over wiring inside the home or residential unit. It is the responsibility of the customer to insure that all wiring inside their residence complies with FCC specifications. The company reserves the right to access a service charge for ongoing maintenance and for any repair or maintenance performed by the company in the event these facilities are not in compliance with FCC guidelines. Service can be terminated if the company is denied access in order to correct the technical problems that violate these guidelines.

Outage/Service Interruptions

We will normally respond to service interruptions (outages) as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours from the time are notified of an interruption. We will normally respond to other non-outage service problems by the next business day. For outages beyond our control (such as natural disasters or severe weather related problems) we will respond as promptly as possible. We do everything to ensure trouble-free reception, but from time to time equipment failures can occur. Reach Broadband customer service representatives are available during normal business hours and our after hours emergency reporting service is available 24 hours a day. You are entitled to a pro-rata credit if service is interrupted for more than twenty-four continuous hours. Please call us in a timely manner when you notice the problem. The credit will be calculated based upon the proportionate share of the service not received in the applicable billing period, provided the interruption is due to a failure of the operator's facilities. When a service interruption in excess of 24 hours occurs, contact our office promptly with pertinent facts regarding the outage to receive your credit. We will not issue credit for service interruptions if we are not notified promptly or for situations beyond our control.

Billing and Payment

Reach Broadband (the "Company") mails monthly bills. Services are billed in advance for the current month subscription and are due on or before the designated due date. The return portion of the bill should be mailed along with a check or money order for the amount specified on the bill. Do not mail cash. Please allow 7 days for processing. Bills should be mailed to the address specified on your bill. If payment is not received by the 10th of the month, a maximum processing fee or processing charge of $8.00 will be added to the customer's account. A maximum charge of $25.00 will be assessed for any returned check.

Transfer of Account Responsibility

Transfer of account responsibility from one customer to another is prohibited. All accounts must be closed and reopened under the name of the new customer.

Non Payment Disconnect Policy

Any customer with a balance that is more than forty five (45) days past due will be subject to disconnection for nonpayment. If disconnected for nonpayment, the customer will be required to pay a reconnection charge plus their outstanding balance plus the next month's subscription in full prior to reconnection. In the event that a customer pays the amount due at the time of disconnection, a maximum trip fee of $15.00 plus applicable taxes will be applied.

Disconnection (Customer Requested)

Upon decision to terminate service, all customers are urged to notify Reach Broadband of their intention to disconnect at least 30 days in advance. Account holders are liable for all services rendered prior to the customer informing Reach Broadband of his/her intention to terminate service. Information regarding the intended moving or disconnection date must be communicated to the business office during normal business hours. Refund checks will be issued from the corporate office in Colorado within 4-6 weeks.

Collection Agency

Customers with disconnected accounts and a balance due will receive a final billing. Customer balance more than 75 days past due will be sent to a collection agency. Failure to pay will appear on your credit report.

Billing Disputes

Reach Broadband will allow 30 days from the date of receipt of the bill for a customer to register a billing dispute. A customer must remit the undisputed portion of his/her bill and be responsible for undisputed portions of current and future bills pending the resolution of the dispute. Cable television service will not be disconnected solely for nonpayment of the portion of the bill in dispute during the investigation of the complaint. However, service may be discontinued for the unpaid portion not in dispute. If a dispute is not resolved to the customer's satisfaction, the customer has the right to follow the Complaint Procedures.

Complaint Procedures

Reach Broadband places a high priority on ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the service we provide. Toward this goal, and in order to comply with FCC law, Reach Broadband has the following procedures to ensure that any complaints that arise are promptly and efficiently resolved. Reach Broadband repair service may be reached 24 hours a day 7 days a week by contacting the local office (see "How to Reach Us" section of the notice.) Most complaints will be resolved within 24-hour period, unless extraordinary circumstances exist. All efforts will be made by our service technicians and other employees to resolve any complaints concerning the technical quality of your service. If you are not satisfied with the manner in which your concern has been addressed, you may contact the Chief Technician by dialing local customer center (see "How to Reach Us" section of this notice.) If you are not satisfied with the manner in which your concern has been addressed after speaking with our Chief Technician, please submit your complaint in writing to the system General Manager at the address below.

How to Reach Us

You can reach us by using the contact form on our website or by calling 1-800-687-1258.

ISP Disclosures for Wired and Wireless Internet Service

Not applicable (we do not block any sites or services).

Not applicable (we do not throttle users, except to ensure that they do not exceed the speeds for the package that they have ordered. For example, a package with 50mbps download speed is throttled to 50mbps download).

Affiliated Prioritization
Not applicable (we do not prioritize traffic for any sites or services).

Paid Prioritization
Not applicable (we do not prioritize traffic for any sites or services).

Congestion Management
We work to identify bottlenecks in all areas of our networks and work to increase total capacity wherever possible. For wired internet service this includes adding new cable nodes, moving cable nodes to higher-capacity cable cards, or splitting nodes to multiple cable cards. For wireless internet service this includes changing to a frequency with less noise, or adding additional access points. We do not throttle users during periods of congestion.

Application-Specific Behavior
Not applicable (we do not prioritize traffic for any applications).

Device Attachment Rules
We do not require specific devices. We allow users to connect their own devices if they are compatible with our network requirements (for example a DOCSIS 3.0 modem is needed for speeds higher than 12mbps).

We follow industry standard security practices for our network equipment including edge routers, Cable Modem Termination Systems, wireless access points, and any other backbone network equipment. Users with private IP addresses are protected behind Network Address Translation and therefore protected by the firewalls on our routers. Users with public IP addresses are responsible for their own network security. If we notice or are informed of a specific threat against a customer with a public IP address, we notify the user.

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